Sdr,Farup, bricks and bog hole

Just outside Sdr. Farup, down Tørvevejen is “Tørvemosen” – the peat bog. It´s a beautiful little lake with the name of “Gammelmose”. Here the people found the peat they needed, in order to produce bricks. The bricks were made of clack from the marshes and sand. On a field nearby, the bricks were burned. You can still see a little elevation at the corner of Sdr. Farupvej and Tørvevej. On the opposite side, in the woods, there is a scout cabin called Lillebjerg.

Also in Sdr. Farup there were found treasures. While planting a leeward fence in 2002, workers found coins from the 1000s. Aerial photos revealed remaining post holes of a big farmhouse. Today it is called Danelund.

The first school was built in 1842, but the children were taught in private homes by  teachers since the beginning of the 1700s. Later a new school was built in Vester Vedsted.

Just between Sdr. Farup and Vester Vedsted, a cooperative dairy was built – Sdr.Farup Andelsmejeri. It existed from 1888 to 1960.