The Gold Treasure

The treasure was found here on a field in 1859 and contained different kinds of both gold and silver jewelry including Arabic silver coins from around  913-42. The treasure was buried in the 10th century.

It is exceptional because of the amount of gold – 749 grams of gold out of a total weight of 780 grams.

The treasure was found by Niels Clausen, who was working for the farmer Clemmen Mikkelsen, the owner of the land and for the treasure trove he was able to build a new farm which accidentally burned some years later.


The story of Ingeborg and Okke

The Wadden See Center and the houses around it is called Okholm. The story goes, that many years ago, on this very spot, a Viking named Okke lived here with his wife Ingeborg. One day, Okke went on a Viking raid leaving his dear wife behind. The time passed, but this raid seemed to last forever. Ingeborg decided to go to the beach every single day to watch for him for hours, but her beloved husband was not to be seen. In fact, he never came back. Realizing this, Ingeborg eventually died in deep sorrow. For a long time after her death, she could be seen standing on the beach in her white dress, her long hair waving in the gentle winds, still staring at her husband.