The German bunkers near the school

In the beginning of 1944, the Germans began the construction of several bunkers in Vester Vedsted as part of “Stützpunkt H.K.B. 13./180” (Heeres Küsten Batterie). This included mining of the road to Mandø as well as 122mm cannons, machine guns, accommodation and a spotlight on the dike. The biggest bunkers were built behind the school, Vester Vedsted Byvej 57, with 7 accommodation bunkers, a telephone bunker, machine gun facilities and 4 cannon(122mm) bunkers (Regelbau 669) to protect the waters south of Fanø.

The cannon bunkers, the communication bunker and a machine gun bunker are still visible. An attempt of removing the bunkers by blowing them up with ammunition failed.

Today one of the bunkers has turned in to a beauty salon, another one is used for events (open for visit), and a third you can look at from outside.